Corporate Charity Giving

With the current yearly Giving USA Foundation report uncovering a decrease in corporate giving a year ago, it’s the ideal opportunity for Corporate America to regroup. Of four wellsprings of giving that were surveyed – people, establishments, endowments and partnerships – each sort of giving rose in 2013 aside from corporate giving. The expansion in singular giving is driving the charge to make a fourth straight year of development in definite contributions , including 72% of all giving, and speaking to the biggest segment and quickest developing region of giving.

Of course, volunteering has advanced into a focal part of corporate representative engagement projects, and in this manner volunteer projects are progressively turning into an absolute necessity have liven for workers. Be that as it may, giving is as yet basic for philanthropies and as a vital method to connect with workers in your general volunteering program. When you request that workers give back, and bolster them in the process through instruments like coordinating blessings, volunteer gifts, programmed finance findings, and expansive battles like those for calamity alleviation or crowdfunding, you’re enabling your staff to play a greater part in changing the world. What’s more, you’re welcoming them to advance up in ways that influence them to feel more included and roused.

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On the off chance that you need your workers to give, you have to give, as well. Many companies are donating services instead of money to help bolster the community. Companies like S&S are fixing heaters and air conditioners in needy buildings. There was a clinic in PA that was desperate for their cooling system to be fixed. They came in and did the radnor air conditioner repair service for free as a way to give back to the community. Numerous organizations know this. In spite of the inauspicious numbers from the Giving USA report, a few corners of Corporate America are avoiding the pattern and putting their cash where their mouth is.

So if companies would be willing to donate time and services to those in need, that would go just as far as giving cash. Charities distribute the money for goods and services anyway, so if companies would feel free to give these services, that would make all of the difference in the world. In fact, with the circumvention of administrative costs, this would actually be the best method.


Donating to Your Local Charity, it's About More than Money

Donating to Your Local Charity, it’s About More than Money

Charity has been practiced since the beginning of time, and with such high inflation rates, as well as increasing financial burdens, people, as well as entire families are sometimes forced to turn to the streets, as they are unable to pay for utilities and food due to the intense employment competition.  With more people not being able to pay for a proper education and so uneducated people suffer because they too, were just not lucky enough to be able to afford to study.

Charity: its role in Religion

Charity does not necessarily mean the use of money. Charity comes in all forms. Charity, in its definition, is to voluntarily help someone in need without any expectation of any gains, rewards or appreciation. Some religions strongly incorporate charity into their practices, the religions, and their charitable practices are discussed below:

Islam: Islam incorporates charity into its practices, such that it was made one of the pillars of Islam, which are the five basic principles on which the religion is based. Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam. It has been made compulsory, in the case that individuals earning fits the criteria to be eligible to give Zakat, a percentage of a Muslim’s earnings to people who need it.

However, for those who cannot give Zakat, they can perform charity by giving Sadaqah. There is no minimum or maximum limit for Sadaqah. In Islam, even smiling at someone is considered Sadaqah.

Christianity: in the 12th and 13th century, patrons founded multiple hospitals for the ill, who could not afford medical care for themselves.

Hinduism: Hinduism charity is defined as giving up one’s property to someone else in need.

Charity is about more than money

As you can see now, many religions practice charity without the involvement of money or cash. Sometimes, the best thing you can do to help alleviate how someone is feeling and to make their day better is just be offering a shoulder to cry on, an open ear, a gentle heart, and lastly, a simple smile, that costs absolutely nothing. In religions such as Judaism, giving someone something as simple as your time is considered charity.

However, nowadays, some organizations prove to be ‘non-profit’ but you really do not know if the proceedings of the non-profit organization are really going to the community that needs help or being used for other purposes.  The best thing to do is perform charity by yourselves, whether it’s an on-going funding for a family in need or a one-time thing.